Issues 3-24 Not Available

I received the last issue of my 1:8 scale Dodge Charger R/T by DeAgostini build back in mid-September.  It was Issue 2 starting with Stage 5. Since then, I have not had any payments processed and, obviously, no more issues have shipped. By the end of October, I figured out that Issue 3 was on back order and I would have to wait a while.

Now, two months have passed, so I called Model Space here in the US. I was told that every issue from 3 to 24 is out of stock. Basically, the entire build is unavailable past the ‘trial issues’ with no ETA.

I’m told that when they do become available again, that I will receive all the back issues I have missed at once, but we will see. In my experience, these part work companies like to just say “Hey, here is that Issue 3 you have been waiting months for, and the others you missed will come monthly thereafter” this delaying the entire build time frame. I am hoping they stick to what they told me. It is really too bad, this was one of my builds I was looking forward to getting into. The waiting game continues…

UPDATE Jan 17, 2020: I spoke with Model Space today and they said they should be receiving a large shipment of issues for this build at the end of February. Since we are already 4 months behind with this build, I have asked they ship me issues 3-7 all at once to try and catch up. We shall see…

UPDATE Feb 20, 2020: Another call to Model Space and now Issue 3 should be in stock by the first week of March. Let’s see if this holds true and we can try to get caught up.

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