During the build of this DeAgostini 1:8 scale Dodge Charger R/T partwork model, we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each stage. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

StageContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Bonnet (Hood) and Supercharger19192727
02Steering Wheel and First Wheel1029835
03Nose with Grille and Front Headlamps20492358
04Front Left Brake and Suspension16651674
05Front Section of the Chassis772983
06Front Chassis Crossmember, Lower Radiator Cover7791194
07Engine Guard Plate, Crossmember, Stabilizer Bar8879103
08Front Right Brake and Suspension109710113
09Front Right Suspension1110821134
10Steering and Right Suspension1312111145
11Front Right Wheel61274149
13Engine Block (1)714212172
14Engine Block (2)815014186
15Engine Block (3)2117120206
16Engine Block (4)231946212
17Engine Block (5)192137219
18Engine Block (6)72208227
19Engine Block (7)722713240
20Steering Gear Box62336246
21Front Platform12348254
22Engine Housings (1)22363257
23Engine Housings (2)22383260
26Braking System1126415283
27Front Wheel Arch Reinforcement Plates827218301
28Front Panel of the Engine Housing52773304
30Middle Section of the Chassis12846322
31Rear Section of the Chassis328710332
32Exhaust Pipes (1)22898340
33Exhaust Pipes (2)1029914354
34Exhaust Pipes (3)630524378
36Rear Axle, Differential33124388
37Rear Brakes1332512400
38Left Rear Leaf Spring63316406
39Right Rear Leaf Spring63376412
40Rear Leaf Spring Plates, U Hooks, Shock Absorbers203574416
41Left Rear Wheel636314430
42Right Rear Wheel63694434
43Battery Holder (1)53740434
44Battery Holder (2)33778442
45Fuel Tank and Speaker338012454
46Electronic Control Unit43844458
48Floor Pan540212470
49Gear Lever, Centre Console54076476
50Fire Extinguisher64138484
52Front/Rear Floor Panels342210500
53Seat (1)34252502
54Seat (2)342814516
55Dashboard (1)74354520
56Dashboard (2)54409529
57Steering Column44446535
58Roll Cage (1)24469544
59Roll Cage (2)24482546
60Roll Cage (3)345119565
61Middle Section of the Car Body14524569
62Rear Section of the Car Body14537576
63Door Hinges44576582
64Left Quarter Panel Frame14588590
65Right Quarter Panel Frame14598598
66Rear Window64650598
68Rear Left Quarter Glass34803601
69Rear Right Quarter Glass34833604
71Rearview Mirror and Internal Panels54913627
72Roof Frame149212639
73Tailgate Panel85004643
74Rear Lights, Ignition Coil1051024667
75Left Boot Panel, Fuel Hose25127674
76Rear Body Panels251410684
77Parking Light, Fuel Cap65201685
78Rear Left Wheel Arch152113698
79Rear Right Boot Side Panel45255703
80Rear Right Wheel Arch152611714
81Front Section of the Body15277721
82Mounting the Left Door (1)65333724
83Mounting the Left Door (2)653913737
84Left Door Lock55442739
85Left Door Inner Panel65509748
86Left Door Window (1)555510758
87Left Door Window (2)856315773
88Left and Right Doors35663776
89Mounting the Right Door (1)657213789
90Right Door Lock55772791
91Right Door Inner Panel65839800
92Right Door Window (1)558810810
93Right Door Window (2)859615825
94Installing the Right Door86046831
95Front Left Wheel Arch16056837
96Front Right Wheel Arch16066843
97Windscreen Wipers116176849
98Assembling the Bonnet36206855
99Boot Hinges and Boot Lid1163110865
100Inner Boot Panel863911876
101Boot Panels46438884
102Rear Bumper and Number Plate46477891
103Reverse Lights and Rear Panel76546897
104Rear Wheel Arches26564901
105Spare Wheel Carrier36592903
106Fuel Tank566430933
107Front Section of the Chassis767120953
108Front Left Wheel Arch467511964
109Front Right Wheel Arch467911975

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