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“Here we will show you how to assemble the steering wheel and the front left wheel of your Charger R/T.”

The tire in this stage is labelled as the Front Right Tyre, but this is incorrect. It is actually for the front left wheel. In the end, it doesn’t really matter as both front wheels will be the same.



Materials: The Steering Wheel and Rims are metal, the Tyre Valve and Steering Wheel Hub Cover are plastic, and the Tyre is rubber.


Steering Wheel and First Wheel

Steering Wheel
Stage 2.1

Align the four holes of the Steering Wheels Spokes to the inner part of the Steering Wheel as shown. Secure with four (4) BM screws.

MOM: A few of the spokes needed to be filed down to fit in the grooves of the steering wheel. Once they were filed down, the fit was much better.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 2.2

Insert the cylindrical end of the Steering Column into the back of the Steering Wheels Spokes as shown. Secure with one (1) CM screw:

Stage 2.3

Press the Steering Wheel Hub Cover into the center of the Steering Wheels Spokes as shown:

Front Left Wheel
Stage 2.4

Push the Tyre Valve onto the pin of the Rim (Outside).

Again, this is named the Front Right Tyre, but this is actually for the front left wheel:

Next, the Front Right Tyre has the words ‘inside’ written on one side and ‘outside’ written on the other. Push this rim through the ‘outside’ of the tire:

Then, put the Rim (Inside) through the ‘inside’ side of the tire matching the pins to the holes of the Rim (Outside):

Stage 2.5

Secure the two rims together with three (3) HM screws:

Stage 2.6

Place the Washer into the middle of the Rim (Outside) and then place the Hub Cover over it. These attach by pressing into place, but do not mount them just yet.

We will need to get behind this Hub Cover to mount the wheel in Stage 4, so this will be removed again later:


MOM:  In this stage, I put the steering wheel together. While the spokes needed a little work to fit properly, the finished product is beautiful!  The wheel was very easy to assemble and looks great! The front right wheel will be used soon, but keep the Steering Wheel assembly stored safely until we install it in Stage 61.

Next Up

 Stage 3 – Headlamps, Front Grille, Nose

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