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“You can now make the brake disc and attach the wheel to the elements of the suspension.”

The Spring will not be used and should be stored along with this assembly until the next stage.



Materials: Almost everything in this stage is metal, except for the plastic Brake Disc (Piece 1) and the Shock Absorber Disc.


Front Left Brake and Suspension

Front Left Brake
Stage 4.1

Fit the two pins on the Brake Disc (Piece 1) into the holes of the Brake Disc (Piece 2), as shown:

Stage 4.2

Put the Front Right Wheel Hub Cover on the outer side of the Brake Disc (Piece 2), aligning the pin into the hole as shown:

Secure from inside the disc assembly with two (2) CM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Front Left Suspension
Stage 4.3

Insert the Front Left Spindle (Piece 1) through the hole in the Front Left Brake Caliper Baseplate as shown, and secure with two (2) CM screws:

Stage 4.4

Slide this spindle assembly through the back of the brake disc:

Next, fit the Front Left Brake Caliper over the brake disc:

Then, secure it to the Front Left Brake Caliper Baseplate with two (2) CM screws:

Stage 4.5

Attach the Shock Absorber Unit to the inside of the Front Left Suspension Dome with one (1) EM screw.

The top of the Shock Absorber Unit has an oblong shape to it that matches the slot in the dome (so it does not rotate). The Shock Absorber Unit will remain loose even after the screw is fully tightened. This is expected:

Stage 4.6

Align the Upper Front Left Suspension Arm with both matching holes in the dome, and secure the arm into place with two (2) FM screws.

These screws should not be fully tightened as the arm needs to be able to move a little:

Stage 4.7

Fit the pin of the Shock Absorber Disc into the hole on the Front Left Suspension Arm (circled below):

Next, insert the eye end of the Shock Absorber Piston into the slot on the suspension arm, align the eye with hole closest to the closest to the Shock Absorber Disc, and secure with one (1) FM screw:

Stage 4.8

In this same slot, insert Suspension Ball Joint (Piece 2) as shown, and secure with one (1) FM screw:

Stage 4.9

Slide the Front Left Spindle (Piece 2) over the end of this ball joint as shown, as secure with one (1) EM screw.

This spindle (steering arm) also needs to be able to pivot (move), so do not fully tighten the screw:

Stage 4.10

Bring this assembly together with the completed brake assembly from earlier, as shown, and secure with two (2) CM screws:

Stage 4.11

Bring in the upper suspension assembly and insert the Suspension Ball Joint (Piece 1) through the corresponding hole. Align the holes of the ball joint and spindle, and secure with one GM screw. Don’t forget to slide the Shock Absorber Piston into the Shock Absorber Unit:

Stage 4.12

Grab the front left wheel assembly (from Stage 2). If you installed the Washer and Hub Cover, remove them. Secure the wheel to this suspension assembly using one (1) IM screw through the Washer and then through the wheel and into the spindle.

This wheel is going to have to come back off for Stage 27, so you may not want to mount it just yet:

Then, replace the Hub Cover onto the wheel:


MOM: Did you see the detail in this stage?! Are you salivating yet?! Next stages, please!!!!

Next Up

 Stage 5 – Left Tie Rod, Front Chassis, Torsion Bar

3 thoughts on “STAGE 4”

  1. I put mine together for this stage. I had to really loosen up the wheel to get it to spin freely. I feel like I messed this up when I was putting it together. Did you have that same problem?

    1. Attaching wheels are always tricky. Not too much wobble, not too tight. I usually go tighter as I don’t really need it to roll when on display.

  2. I have the same fear with mounting tires. On one build I stripped the screw hole having to take the assembly apart for a replacement! For this build I mounted the left tire forgetting your warning I have to remove it later on to install the anchor bolts. I’m really nervous about Stage 27. Why can’t instructions be written in the correct order?!

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