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“The following instructions show you how to connect the various elements of the front left suspension, which will then be joined to the front section of the chassis.”




Materials: Everything in this stage is metal, except the plastic Cover Plate Front Left Chassis Strut and Left Engine Mount Plate.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version)


Connecting the Front Left Wheel to the Chassis

Front Left Wheel
Stage 5.1

Take the wheel assembly (from the previous stage) and insert the Left Tie Rod End into the circular hole in the spindle.

Sadly, we missed taking a picture of this step, but you can see both parts in the next picture.

Stage 5.2

Slide one of the Left Tie Rods around the Left Tie Rod End (with the tiny pins facing the spindle) and secure with one (1) JM screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 5.3

Separate the Shock Absorber Piston from the Shock Absorber Unit and insert the Spring (from Stage 4) into the Shock Absorber Unit:

Then, reassemble the shock unit as before:

Front Chassis
Stage 5.4

The instructions from DeAgostini in this step can be very confusing, so we are going to try to explain them better here.

Set the Front Section of the Chassis on your work surface with the hollow side up and the left side closer to you:

The Cover Plate Front Left Chassis Strut has two circular raised sections on it, but one of them is thicker:

Align the Cover Plate Front Left Chassis Strut (smooth side up) to the chassis with the larger of the circular section to the rear, and secure it with two (2) CM screws:

Similarly, the Left Engine Mount Plate has a raised post on it:

Place the Left Engine Mount Plate (smooth side down) to the chassis with the raised post toward the center, and secure with one (1) AM screw:

Stage 5.5

Insert the wider end of the Front Suspension Torsion Bar into the hole near the left front of the chassis, as shown. Secure this end to the chassis with one (1) DM screw.

There is a slight angle to the torsion bar, so we did not tighten this screw all the way just yet. This will help align it correctly in the next step:

Stage 5.6

Turn the chassis over, and slide the free end of the torsion bar from the previous step into the Front Left Suspension Lower Control Arm Anchor. Secure the anchor to the chassis with one (1) IM screw, as shown.

This is where you may want to rotate the torsion bar to get it straight, then fully tighten the screw from the previous step:

Stage 5.7

Turn the chassis over again (hollow side up) and insert the two pins of the wheel/suspension assembly into these holes in the chassis:

Stage 5.8

While holding the wheel assembly in place, secure from underneath with two (2) FM screws:

MOM:  My wish for you is to have the ability to summon all of your ninja ancestor’s skills as you will need them here!  Who’s idea was it to a.) insert the spring into the Shock Absorber Unit six steps before securing any part that will hold said spring in place!  and b.) have so many moving parts to secure when I have only two hands and a teen boy who is easily distracted!?  Seriously, we managed, but patience is a necessity here.    

Stage 5.9

Align the hole in the Front Left Suspension Arm with the hole in the anchor (installed earlier in Stage 5.6), and tighten one (1) EM screw through arm and anchor, and into the torsion bar.

The torsion bar may rotate while fixing this screw. Try to keep it straight while tightening the screws on both ends:


MOM: I enjoyed this stage and love that we have already added a wheel to the chassis!  I’ve seen other builds that seem to take many months of building the wheels before they are finally attached to anything that resembles a chassis.

SON:  This stage was a lot of fun and there were some really weird parts. For example, the wheel being put onto the frame was really annoying but it was still cool after it was done. Something really funny was that the spring in the suspension continuously fell out of the place where it was.

Next Up

 Stage 6 – Lower Radiator Cover, Front Crossmember 1, Under Engine Covers

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  1. I am doing this now I am wondering if the spring is even needed it’s not like I am going to push down on it

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