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“In this session you will mount the engine guard plate and the stabilizer bar onto the chassis.”




Materials: The Front Chassis Crossmember 2, Engine Guard Plate, and Front Stabilizer Bar are metal- the rest is plastic.


Elements of the Front Section of the Chassis (2)

Front Crossmember 2
Stage 7.1

Attach the Front Chassis Crossmember 2 and Crossmember Cover 2 together as shown with three (3) CM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Engine Guard Plate
Stage 7.2

Place the rear end of the Engine Guard Plate (without the hole in the center) on top of this Crossmember 2 assembly. Then, secure with two (2) KM screws as shown:

Front Stabilizer Bar
Stage 7.3

Attach one Front Stabilizer Bar End Link to one end of the Front Stabilizer Bar with one (1) DP screw. The end link should face away from the bump in the center of the bar, as shown.

Both ends of the Front Stabilizer Bar End Link are the same, so it doesn’t matter which way it is attached to the Front Stabilizer Bar:

Stage 7.4

Attach the other Front Stabilizer Bar End Link to the opposite end of the bar (in the same orientation) with one (1) DP screw:

Stage 7.5

We took a quick picture of how all the parts in this step should be arranged before assembly:

Place the stabilizer bar assembly onto the Engine Guard Plate with the bar ends facing the rear. Then, position the Left Retainer for Front Stabilizer Bar over the bar (aligning the pin) and secure with one (1) CM screw, as shown:

Stage 7.6

Repeat this step with the Right Retainer for Front Stabilizer Bar and one (1) CM screw:


MOM: On to the next stage!

SON:  When building this piece it was a lot of fun especially since it look like a weird mad face or maybe even a happy face depending on what your imagination is like.

Next Up

 Stage 8 – Front Right Brake, Front Right Suspension 1

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