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“In this assembly session you will be working on the rear bumper and number plate.




Materials: Everything is plastic in this stage.


The Rear Bumper and Number Plate

Stage 102.1

Fit the two posts of the Rear Number Plate into the matching holes at the center of the Rear Bumper.

Make sure this Rear Number Plate is installed the right way up, as shown:

Secure the Rear Number Plate into place from behind with two (2) AP screws:

Stage 102.2

Retrieve your Body assembly and carefully turn it upside down on a soft cloth. Fit the five posts of this Rear Bumper assembly into the matching holes at the rear of the Body.

Again, make sure this Rear Bumper is fitted the right way up, as shown:

Stages 102.3 – 102.4

Secure the Rear Bumper to the Body from the inside with five (5) AP screws:


This bumper really helps finish the rear end of our Charger! Keep the two unused Guards someplace safe until we need them in Stage 106.

Next Up

 Stage 103 – Rear Lower Panel, Reverse Lights/Frames/Lenses

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