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“In this assembly session you will attach the spare wheel carrier to the boot floor panel.




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


Spare Wheel Carrier

Stage 105.1

Slide the long pin of the Spare Wheel Carrier Rod through this side of the hole in the Spare Wheel Carrier, as shown:

Stage 105.2

While holding the rod in place, fit the posts of the Spare Wheel Carrier down into the matching holes at this location on the Boot Floor Panel.

Make sure the T-end of the Spare Wheel Carrier Rod fits into the two small semi-circular tabs on the Boot Floor Panel:

Stage 105.3

Secure the Spare Wheel Carrier into place from below with two (2) MP screws:


I suppose it makes sense that this is a ‘race’ car, so it would not have a spare tire to save weight. I don’t think anyone would have noticed if this Spare Wheel Carrier was missing altogether, but it is a nice touch!

Next Up

 Stage 106 – Fuel Tank/Hoses, Fuel Level Sensor

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