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“In this assembly session, you will prepare the second wheel and attach it to the front section of the chassis of the model you are building.”

This stage will feel very familiar as it is some of the same steps from assembling the first front wheel back in Stage 2.



Materials: The Rim parts are metal, the tyre is rubber, and the rest is plastic.


Assembling the Front Right Wheel

Front Right Wheel
Stage 11.1

Push the Tyre Valve onto the pin of the Rim (Outer):

Stage 11.2

The Front Right Tyre has the words ‘inside’ written on one side and ‘outside’ written on the other.  Push this rim through the ‘outside’ of the tire:

Then, put the Rim (Inner) through the ‘inside’ side of the tire matching the pins to the holes of the Rim (Outer):

Stage 11.3

Secure the two rims together with three (3) HM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stages 11.4-11.5

Fit this wheel to the Front Right Spindle of the chassis assembly from the previous stage. Insert the Washer into the center of the wheel, then run one (1) IM screw through the Washer and into the spindle to attach the wheel:

This wheel is going to have to come back off for Stage 27, so you may not want to mount it just yet:

Stage 11.6

Press the Hub Cover into the wheel to cover up the screw:


MOM: Two wheels down, only two more to go!

Next Up

 Stage 12 – Gearbox, Starter

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