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“In this assembly session, you will assemble the parts of the steering mechanism and then install them on the front section of your model car’s chassis.”




NOTE: The part 19G listed below (and not shown) is a misprint and was installed in the previous stage.

Materials: All parts in this stage are metal.


The Steering Gear Box

Stage 20.1

Slide the Gearwheel onto the square end of the Steering Column (with the teeth facing the column), as shown:

Stage 20.2

Place the Pinion into the Steering Gear Box (Piece 2) as shown:

Stage 20.3

Place the Steering Column assembly diagonally into the Steering Gear Box (Piece 2) as shown. Ensure the gears align.

You may want to add a little oil or grease on these gears to help lubricate the mechanism:

Stage 20.4

Fit the Steering Gear Box (Piece 1) onto the Steering Gear Box (Piece 2), aligning the pins and holes, and secure with two (2) CM screws.

Make sure turning the Steering Column rotates the Pinion. If this is not working, the Steering Wheel will not turn the front wheels. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 20.5

Retrieve the Front Chassis assembly from the previous stage. Place the posts of the Steering Gear Box assembly onto these two holes at the left side of the Front Chassis with the Steering Column to the rear, as shown:

Stage 20.6

Flip the Front Chassis assembly over while holding the Steering Gear Box in place. Secure it with two (2) AM screws:

Stage 20.7

Fit the round raised post of the Idler Arm into the oval ring of the Central Steering Bar as shown, and secure the square post at the other end to the square pin of the Pinion with one (1) CM screw:

Then, secure the post of the Idler Arm to the Steering Bar from above with one (1) DM screw.

This screw is *not* easy to get to. Try steering the front wheels side to side until you can get to it. Make sure this is not so tight that the steering cannot move:

MOM: WARNING!!  You will need as much patience as you can muster, a steady hand or two, and perhaps, an adult beverage to celebrate your success afterwards!  I used tweezers to maneuver the screw to its final destination.  Once there, I reminded myself to keep applying pressure to the tweezers while simultaneously sliding the long, skinny screwdriver down to meet the head of the screw. I took at deep breath and tightened the screw into place.  I believe this took at least three tries before success! 


MOM: The steering gear box installation was a success! Silence from my build partner and photographer, a steady hand or two, and some ingenuity for the last screw were part of the recipe, great team effort guys!

SON: It looks really good, I like it even better with the air filter (blower) attached so am excited to be able to attach it and leave it.

Next Up

 Stage 21 – Front Platform

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