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“In this assembly session you will attach the battery pieces together. Then, you will install the battery inside the left panel of the engine housing.”




Materials: All parts of this stage are plastic.


Assembling the Battery

Stage 24.1

Place the Battery Cover onto the Battery as shown (use the printed label as reference):

Secure these together from below with two (2) AP screws:

Stage 24.2

Turn this assembly over and fit the Battery Housing as shown. Secure with two (2) AP screws:

Stage 24.3

Flip the Battery assembly upright again and fit the Clamp Bracket into these holes:

Then, insert one of the Clamping Bars through the larger hole of the Clamp Bracket and down into the Battery Housing:

This should be done on the label side of the Battery assembly. Also, the end of the Clamping Bar has a D-Shaped pin that aligns to the shape of the hole in the Battery Housing:

Stage 24.4

Insert the other Clamping Bar all the way through the larger hole on the other side of the Clamp Bracket.

Unlike the first side, this Clamping Bar just hangs freely:

Stage 24.5

Retrieve the Left Panel assembly from Stage 22 (these parts are marked with an ‘L’). Align the two posts of the Battery Housing to the widest holes of the Left Panel assembly, as shown. Secure with two (2) AP screws:

Stage 24.6

Slide the straighter end of the longer Positive Cable over the small pin on the Positive Terminal:

Next, slide the straighter end of the shorter Negative Cable over the small pin on the Negative Terminal:

Stage 24.7

Insert the Negative Terminal into this hole of the Battery Cover, and slide the free end of the Negative Cable over this pin of the Left Panel assembly:

Stage 24.8

Insert the Positive Terminal into this hole of the Battery Cover, as shown. The Positive Cable should face towards the rear of the car as the free end will be attached later:


MOM: I have to admit, I was little more excited about the battery than the kid or the photographer. I suppose it is because another little detail of the car is complete and who doesn’t love a miniature sized battery?!

Next Up

 Stage 25 – Firewall, Rear Hood Safety Catches, Relay, Grounding Connector

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  1. when you get the next stages of this come the brake lines I found it easier to remove the Gear box to install the golden part thats located under it on the frame. and also having the wheels removed

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