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“In the following assembly session you will put together the hydraulic circuit of your model’s braking system.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


  • Tweezers


The Braking System

Stage 26.1

Join the Mount Brackets 1 and 2 as shown, and secure with one (1) AP screw:

Stage 26.2

Join the Brake Power Booster Pieces 1 and 2 as shown, and secure with one (1) AP screw.

There are two sets of tabs and notches (of different sizes) that align these together correctly:

Stage 26.3

Fit the Mount Brackets to the Brake Power Booster as shown, and secure with two (2) AP screws.

These parts also align via this tab and groove:

This is what we have so far:

Stage 26.4

Slide the post of the Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap through the hole in the Connecting Piece for the Brake Power Booster and the Reservoir (Master Cylinder), aligning the shapes and locating pin shown below, and secure with one (1) AP screw:

Stage 26.5

Align the pin of the Master Cylinder to the matching smaller hole of the Brake Power Booster, and secure in place with two (2) AP screws:

At this point, our Brake Booster assembly looks like this:

Stage 26.6

Retrieve the Firewall assembly from the previous stage. Fit the two posts of the Mount Brackets to this location on the Firewall:

Secure from behind with two (2) AP screws:

Stage 26.7

Retrieve the Left Panel assembly (marked ‘L’ with the Battery attached) from Stage 24. Flip the Firewall upside down and fit it to the Left Panel as shown, securing it with three (3) LM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 26.8

Retrieve the Right Panel assembly from Stage 23. As before, align it to the Firewall, and secure with three (3) LM screws, as shown:

Stage 26.9

Position the Connector so there are three pins on the left, two on the right, and one at the bottom, take the three shorter Hoses (26H) and the longer Front Right Brake Hose and slide them into place like this.

MOM:  We chose to insert 22 gauge Craft Wire into the hoses to help keep them neat and tidy.  Buckle up, this stage is about to get a bit challenging!  

Stage 26.10

Retrieve the chassis assembly, last used in Stage 21 and turn it over. Push the Connector on to this pin of the chassis, as shown:

MOM: I recommend a steady had and a set of tweezers to assist in pushing the Connector onto the pin.

Stage 26.11

Flip the chassis assembly back upright. Slide one of the shorter Hoses onto this pin of the front left Brake Caliper:

Stage 26.12

Run the longer Front Right Brake Hose over the transmission and slide it onto this pin of the front right Brake Caliper.

The two remaining loose hoses will be attached in the next stage:


MOM: I continue to hold onto the feeling of accomplishment from this stage even after we worked to slide the hoses onto the brake calipers and the connector popped off the pin. The connector and I had a little talk and came to a mutual understanding, it now knows its place and is very content inside the firewall!

Next Up

 Stage 27 – Wheel Arch Reinforcement Plates, Wiper Motor, Voltage Regulator

2 thoughts on “STAGE 26”

  1. Thanks “Mom” for your comment about the conversation you had with the connector falling off its pin! I’ll be at this stage next week, and I think I’ll glue mine on to avoid that conversation!
    Also – the photos for 26.11 are invaluable! Great clarity. The images in the instructions are not that clear. Yours perfect. Thanks!

  2. Sometimes don’t understand the building process this should have gone in before the engine it would have been easy

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