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“In the following assembly session you will attach the firewall and the side panels of the engine housing to the chassis.”




Materials: All parts in this stage are metal.


Attaching the Engine Housing to the Chassis

Stage 27.1

Retrieve the Firewall assembly from the previous stage. Press the pins of the Voltage Regulator into these matching holes of the Firewall:

Secure the Windscreen Wiper Motor to this location on the Firewall with two (2) CM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 27.2

Connect the free end of the battery Positive Cable to this pin on the Voltage Regulator:

Stage 27.3

Flip this entire assembly over. Fit the two tabs of the Front Left Wheel Arch Reinforcement Plate (marked ‘L’) over these matching posts of the Left Panel assembly. Secure these together with two (2) AM screws:

Do the same on the other side with the Front Right Wheel Arch Reinforcement Plate (marked ‘R’) and two (2) more AM screws:

Stage 27.4

Retrieve the chassis assembly from the previous stage. Place this engine housing assembly onto the chassis as shown, making sure not to pinch the brake hoses we just installed. The four posts fit onto the Left and Right Panels at the front and rear, and the Steering Column needs to pass through the slot at the rear of the engine housing assembly, as shown:

Stage 27.5

While holding the engine housing assembly in place, turn the entire chassis over and secure these together with four (4) AM screws:

Stage 27.6

Connect the free end of the Alternator Wire to the remaining pin of the Voltage Regulator:

Stage 27.7

Locate the two loose brake Hoses (26H) attached to the Connector, and slide them over the pins of the Master Cylinder, as shown:

Stage 27.8

Detach both front wheels by removing the Hub Covers, IM screws, and Washers holding them in place:

Stage 27.9

While rotating the suspension upwards, take the Front Right Control Arm Anchor Bolt (marked with ‘R’) and fit it over the remaining front hole of the Front Right Suspension Dome. The small tab of the anchor bolt should be under the Upper Front Left Suspension Arm as shown. Secure the anchor bolt to the Right Panel with one (1) NM screw:

Secure the rear two holes of the Front Right Suspension Dome to the Right Panel assembly with two (2) AM screws:

Stage 27.10

On the left side, repeat the previous step with the Front Left Control Arm Anchor Bolt (marked with ‘L’) and one (1) NM screw at the front and the two (2) more AM screws at the rear. Make sure the suspension arm is resting on top of the tab on the anchor bolt, as shown:

Finally, don’t forget to add two (2) CM screws into these holes to secure the steering box:

Stage 27.11

Reattach both front wheels. New IM screws are supplied with this issue, if needed. Finish the wheels off by replacing the Hub Covers:


MOM: Let’s say it together, Hoses! We need them, they add so much to the car, and yet, we are to maneuver them in tight places without undoing what we’ve already done?! Challenge accepted and conquered! I love how this build is coming together!! The two Mount Brackets for the Crossbar will not be used until Stage 30, so keep them safe for now.

Next Up

 Stage 28 – Front Engine Housing Panel, Horn, Expansion Tank/Hose

4 thoughts on “STAGE 27”

  1. I’m just about to receive this Pack. Is this the only time the wheels have to be removed? There isn’t a stage where it’s easier if they were not attached?

    1. Both front wheels have to be removed to add the frame part, but I don’t remember having to remove them again.

  2. Though I knew we had to remove the tires in this stage – I purposely left one tire uninstalled until I reached this stage. (On another build where I had to reinstall a wheel, I stripped the threads resulting in having to order a replacement part. What a pain that was removing the damaged part!)
    Regardless of the tires attached, it is very difficult to attach that Anchor Bolt under the Suspension Arm with it under pressure from the springs. It would have been easier if the Anchor Bolt was attached at the time when we installed the Suspension Arm! But both are in!

    BUT . . . I had no problem with securing the Suspension Dome to the Panel Assembly with the tire on!

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