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“In this assembly session you will start assembling the transmission of your model, which is fairly straightforward.”

In reality, we are just assembling the driveshaft in this stage.



Materials: These parts are all metal.


Assembling the Transmission

Stage 35.1

Join the Driveshaft (Piece 1) and Driveshaft (Piece 2) together, aligning the screw holes, and secure with three (3) CM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 35.2

Identify the end of this Driveshaft assembly where the two tabs are closer together. Fit the larger end of the Front Coupling between these tabs, align the screw holes, and secure the coupling in place with one (1) GM screw, as shown:

Stages 35.3 – 35.4

At the other end of the Driveshaft assembly, fit the larger end of the Rear Coupling between the tabs, align the screw holes, and secure the coupling in place with two (2) CM screws (one from each side), as shown:


These parts feel quite solid, but the end joints should be able to move a bit. Store this Driveshaft assembly somewhere safe for now as we will not need it until a later stage.

Next Up

 Stage 36 – Rear Axle/Differential

One thought on “STAGE 35”

  1. I just got to this stage today, and I noticed that on the end where the two tabs are closest together, is also the ONLY end where the rod is completely smooth.
    On the other end, the rod is thicker and has a “collar” shape around the driveshaft.

    Look closely at the image above at the upper Right corner and the close-up photo right before the last image, and you can see what I’m referring to.

    For those having not sure if they identified the right end for parts 35 C and D maybe this FYI will be of some help.

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