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“In this assembly session you will prepare the rear axle, attaching the respective differential, and you will carry out a simple intervention on the model’s chassis.”





Assembling the Transmission II

Stages 36.1-36.2

Slide the two posts of the Rear Differential (Piece 1) into these matching holes of the Rear Axle. Fit the Rear Differential (Piece 2) over the Rear Axle, match it up to the Rear Differential (Piece 1), and secure both halves together with two (2) KM screws, as shown.

Be sure you fit this to the Rear Axle correctly, just like the picture below. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 36.3

Retrieve your Chassis assembly as well as the unused Rear Brake Hose, Brake Hose Guide, and the two CM screws from Stage 34. Turn your Chassis assembly over and fit one end of the Rear Brake Hose to this pin on the brake Connector, as shown:

This pin is not easy to get to, so use tweezers here if you can:

Stage 36.4

Secure the Brake Hose Guide to this location on the Chassis using two (2) CM screws, as shown:

Feed the free end of the Rear Brake Hose through the center hole of the Brake Hose Guide as shown. This end of the Rear Brake Hose will be left unattached for now:


The rear differential looks huge, doesn’t it! The Rear Axle is metal, but the rest of these bits are plastic.

Next Up

 Stage 37 – Rear Hubs/Brake Discs/Calipers/Brake Hoses/Hose Fitting (Coming Soon)

3 thoughts on “STAGE 36”

  1. Czy nie masz problemów z przednim zawieszeniem ? Przednie koła są “rozbiegane” – zbieżność myślę, że mogę wyregulować, ale z ustawieniem stałego kąta – koło/płaszczyzna (90stopni) mam problem.
    Pozdrawiam .

    1. Nie mówię po polsku, ale spróbuję Ci odpowiedzieć za pomocą Tłumacza Google! Zauważyłem zarówno zbieżność, jak i nadmierne ujemne pochylenie przedniego zawieszenia. Lepiej było po zamontowaniu części 27G i 27H, ale nie jest idealnie. Mam nadzieję, że waga samochodu je wyprostuje.

      ENGLISH: I do not speak Polish, but I will try to answer you with Google Translate! I noticed both toe in and excessive negative camber on the front suspension. It was better after installing parts 27G and 27H, but it is not perfect. I am hoping the weight of the car will straighten them out.

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