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“In this assembly session you will assemble part of the right rear suspension system, preparing the leaf spring that will be attached to the chassis later on.”

The description above is what is actually printed in the assembly guide, but is incorrect for what we will be doing in this stage. This stage is about attaching the rear axle to the chassis and building/mounting the rear left tire.



Materials: The Rims are metal, the Rear Left Tyre is hard rubber, and the rest is plastic.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version)


Attaching the Rear Axle

Stage 41.1

Retrieve your Chassis assembly and turn it over. Retrieve your Driveshaft assembly from Stage 35 and fit the Front Coupling (the smaller of the two ends) into the rear hole of the Gearbox, as shown:

Stage 41.2

Retrieve the unused Rear Shock Absorber Cylinders/Springs from the previous stage. Insert the smaller end of each Rear Shock Absorber Cylinder into these holes at the rear of the Chassis assembly, as shown:

Secure these cylinders to the Chassis from the other side with two (2) AM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Drop a Rear Shock Absorber Spring into each Rear Shock Absorber Cylinder:

Stage 41.3

Retrieve the Rear Axle assembly from the previous stage. Fit this assembly to the rear of the Chassis so the following things occur:

  • The Rear Reinforcement Plates cover these holes of the Rear Chassis

  • The Front Reinforcement Plates align with these holes of the Middle Chassis

  • The pin on the Rear Coupling of the Driveshaft fits into the hole at the front of the Differential

  • … and the Rear Shock Absorber Rods are fitted into the appropriate Rear Shock Absorber Cylinders:

It should look like this when the Rear Axle/Spring assembly is in place correctly:

Stage 41.4

At this point, we can attach the free end of the Rear Brake Hose (from Stage 34) to the center pin of the Rear Brake Hose Fitting:

Stage 41.5

While holding this Rear Axle assembly in place, turn the Chassis over and secure the Rear Axle with four (4) AM screws at the rear…

… and four (4) FM screws at the front, as shown:

Stage 41.6

Push the Tyre Valve onto the pin of the Rim (Outside).

We have built these wheels before, the steps are the same:

Next, the Rear Left Tyre has the words ‘inside’ written on one side and ‘outside’ written on the other. Push this rim through the ‘outside’ of the tire:

Then, put the Rim (Inside) through the ‘inside’ side of the tire matching the pins to the holes of the Rim (Outside).

Note this tiny notch in the Rim (Inside) for the Tyre Valve to fit into:

Finally, secure the two rims together with three (3) HM screws:

Stage 41.7

Slide this wheel assembly over the left end of the Rear Axle assembly and secure it into place using one (1) IM screw through the Washer and then through the wheel and into the axle.

Then, push the Hub Cover into the center of the wheel:


The rear suspension and our first rear wheel is now fitted to our Chassis assembly. These rear tires are noticeably wider than the fronts.

Next Up

 Stage 42 – Rear Right Wheel

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