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“In this assembly session you will attach the electronic control unit to your model car. This unit controls the lights and sound effects.”




Materials: All of these parts are electrical.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version)


The Electronic Control Unit

Stage 46.1
  • Connect the plug of the Wiring and Switch for Sound Effects (green/green) to socket 1F on the Electronic Control Unit
  • Connect the plug of the Wiring and Switch for the Lights (white/white) to socket 1G on the Electronic Control Unit
  • Connect the plug of the Dashboard Lights (orange/white) to socket 1H on the Electronic Control Unit

Make sure you plug these in correctly to prevent damaging the two pins in each socket:

Stage 46.2

Retrieve your Chassis assembly. Align the holes of this Electronic Control Board over the matching four posts at this location, as shown:

Secure the Electronic Control Board to the Chassis with four (4) DM screws.

Do not over-tighten these as you could damage the Electronic Control Board. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 46.3

Connect the plug of the Speaker (yellow/yellow) to socket 1E on the Electronic Control Unit:

Connect the plug of the Battery Holder (red/black) to socket 1D on the Electronic Control Unit:

Stage 46.4

Insert three (3) fresh AAA batteries into the Battery Holder as shown, and slide the main power switch ON (towards the front of the car):

Stage 46.5

Press the switch button on the Wiring and Switch for Sound Effects (green/green) and your speaker should play the horn sound. Press the switch button again and your Speaker should play the sound of the engine. To stop the sound, press the switch button again.

The horn sound is pretty basic, but the engine sound is quite good. It revs and you can even hear the whine of the supercharger! If your sounds fail to play, check all of your connections are secure and with the correct polarity, your batteries are full and installed correctly, and there are no electronic parts or damaged wires grounding on the Chassis. When satisfied with the sounds test, turn the main power switch OFF:


Everything on our model is controlled by this little circuit board! I am happy that everything is working as expected so far. The lighting test will occur in the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 47 – Wiring & Switch for Brake Light, Wiring for Headlights/Rear Lights, Chassis Stands

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