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“In this assembly session you will attach the wires to the chassis. You will also attach four hooks to the floor pan.”




Materials: Everything in this stage is plastic.


Attaching the Wires to the Chassis

Stage 48.1

Retrieve your Chassis assembly. Place the Wiring for the LED Rear Lights (green/black) and the wiring from the Battery Holder (red/black) between these posts of the Chassis, as shown:

Stage 48.2

Retrieve the shorter Type A Wire Grommets from the previous stage. Fit these Type A Wire Grommets to the posts on either side of the wires and secure each grommet with two (2) CM screws, as shown:

I decided to add a piece of black electrical tape here just to keep these wires clear of the Floor Pan we will be installing soon:

Stage 48.2

Continue running the Wiring for the Rear Lights (green/black) to the rear of the Chassis, down the groove, and secure them in place with the remaining Type A Wire Grommet and two (2) more CM screws.

Once again, I used a piece of electrical tape to hold these wires down where they pass over the rear axle:

Stages 48.3 and 48.4

Retrieve the longer Type B Wire Grommets from the previous stage. Gather the following five cables, run them forward between the pairs of posts on the Chassis and out the left side of the car, as shown. Like in the previous step, secure these wires in place with the Type B Wire Grommets and six (6) CM screws, two for each grommet:

  • Wiring and Switch for Sound Effects (green/green)
  • Wiring and Switch for the Lights (white/white)
  • Dashboard Lights (orange/white)
  • Wiring and Switch for the Brake Lights (black/black)
  • Wiring for the LED Headlights (green/white)

Stage 48.5

Insert the pins of two of the Hooks into these holes of the Floor Pan.

It is hard to tell, but it appears these Hooks should be facing the right side of the car, so that is what I did:

Stage 48.6

Insert the pins of the remaining two Hooks into these holes of the Floor Pan.

These Hooks appear to be facing the same way:


This is the base of our Charger’s interior. We will be adding a lot to this part over the next few stages.

Next Up

 Stage 49 – Gear Lever/Knob, Shift Rail, Centre Console, Middle Section of Transmission Tunnel

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