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“In this assembly session you will assemble the fire extinguisher and attach it to the floor pan.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


Assembling the Fire Extinguisher

Stage 50.1

Join the front and back halves of the Fire Extinguisher together:

Secure these parts together from below with two (2) AP screws, as shown:

Stage 50.2

Press the pin of the Pressure Gauge into the matching hole on the neck of the Fire Extinguisher:

This took quite a bit of force to install, so be careful not to bend or break the pin:

Stage 50.3

Retrieve your Floor Pan assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Fire Extinguisher Stand to the top of the Middle Section of the Transmission Tunnel, aligning the pin and screw holes, as shown.

The flat upright ‘ledge’ of this stand should be towards the rear of the car:

Stage 50.4

Fit the two posts of the Fire Extinguisher through the Fire Extinguisher Stand and into the Middle Section of the Transmission Tunnel, then secure all of these parts in place from below with two (2) more AP screws:

Stage 50.5

Fit the two Brackets to the right side of the Floor Pan (between the Hooks) and secure them down with four (4) AP screws, two for each.

The upright ‘ledges’ of these Brackets should be facing away from each other, as shown:


This Fire Extinguisher has a very detailed placard on it! However, it is weird where De Agostini decided to add details and where they did not.

Next Up

 Stage 51 – Pedal Cover Panel, Accelerator/Brake/Clutch Pedals, Switch Bracket, Spring

One thought on “STAGE 50”

  1. Just got to this stage. I’m surprised that (1) the fire extinguisher does not have straps to keep it in place, even though the holder comes with brackets for straps, (I plan on cutting some cloth ribbon to simulate Velcro straps) and (2) the hooks and brackets on the driver’s side – nothing is installed there. (I plan on ordering a second seat)

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