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“In this assembly session you will attach the pedals to the inside of your model’s cockpit.”




Materials: The Brake Pedal Spring is metal, but the rest here is plastic.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version)


Mounting the Pedals

Stage 51.1

Retrieve your Chassis assembly and disconnect the Wiring and Switch for the Brake Lights cable (black/black):

Stage 51.2

Fit the switch on the end of this cable into this location on the back of the Pedal Cover Panel.

Due to the extra bare pins on this switch, it would not fit easily into the space behind the Pedal Cover Panel. I first needed to use needle nose pliers to bend those pins flat:

Then, I had to bend them some more to fit around this post of the Pedal Cover Panel:

Stage 51.3

Fit the Brake Light Switch Bracket over the post of this switch as shown, and secure it down with two (2) AP screws:

Stage 51.4

Retrieve your Floor Pan assembly from the previous stage. Drop the Brake Pedal Spring down into this hole of the Pedal Cover Panel:

Fit the vertical pin of the Brake Pedal down into this Brake Pedal Spring and align the side posts to the matching recesses along the front edge of the Floor Pan assembly, as shown:

Stage 51.5

In the same way, place the Clutch Pedal and Accelerator Pedal so their side posts sit in their matching recesses, as shown.

Why this model has a clutch pedal while the shifter is for an automatic is beyond me:

Stage 51.6

Place the Pedal Cover Panel assembly on top of these pedals, as shown:

Secure the Pedal Cover Panel assembly in place from below with four (4) CP screws.

Once this is attached, you should be able to press on the Brake Pedal and see it pivot and trigger the switch:


I find it interesting that every car partwork I have built so far has a switch under the Brake Pedal to trigger the brake lights. Once I finish building my cars, I have very little interest in opening the door and reaching in there with my finger to turn these lights on. But, to each their own!

Next Up

 Stage 52 – Front Left/Right Floor Panels, Rear Floor Panel

5 thoughts on “STAGE 51”

    1. Yeah, but on the other hand, if this were a stripped down, light weight, street racer, I can see that the carpeting would have been removed. I am OK with that.

  1. Never thought it that way. Good point.
    I’m not a fan of Fast and Furious – I just like the looks of the car. In the movie, do you know if it had carpet?

    1. In the images I found of the original Charger from the first movie, it did not have carpet. Looks like the floor was painted with bed liner or similar material.

  2. The clutch pedal is actually the e-brake pedal or parking brake pedal. It’s too far apart and just above the floor hump to be a clutch pedal.

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