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“In the assembly session you will continue to assemble the dashboard, to which you will attach the tachometer
and the upper and lower panels.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version)


Assembling the Dashboard (II)

Stage 56.1

Retrieve your Dashboard assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Upper Dashboard Panel to the top, as shown:

Stage 56.2

Align the screw holes behind the Dashboard, then secure the Upper Dashboard Panel to the Dashboard with four (4) KP screws:

Stage 56.3

Press the pin of the Tachometer into the matching hole on the front of the Tachometer Housing, aligning the Tachometer face as shown:

Stage 56.4

Fit the post of the Tachometer assembly into this recess on the lower front of the Dashboard, as shown:

Secure the Tachometer assembly in place from behind with one (1) AP screw:

Stage 56.5

Align the four rounded tabs of the Lower Dashboard Panel to the back of the Dashboard, as shown.

Make sure not to trap or pinch the two switch cables here:

Stage 56.6

Secure the Lower Dashboard Panel to the Dashboard with four (4) KP screws.

There are two on the left side…

… and two on the right side:


So, it turns out there is a tab on the Upper Dashboard Panel that helps secure the Panel for Instrument Lights. I may not have needed to super glue the parts in the last stage, but these Switches are already difficult to press so more support can’t hurt. The Wire Grommet will not be used until Stage 61, so keep it safe for now.

Next Up

 Stage 57 – Steering Column Covers/Switch/Washer

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  1. You think they would just use a main power switch to activate all the electrical stuff instead those pesky switches

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