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“In this assembly session you will assemble the steering column and attach it to the dashboard.”




Materials: Everything is plastic in this stage.



Assembling the Steering Column

Stage 57.1

Fit the Left Steering Column Cover and Right Steering Column Cover together, as shown:

Secure these parts together with two (2) DP screws:

Stage 57.2

Secure the large end of this Steering Column Cover assembly together with two (2) DP screws, as shown:

I thought it would be interesting to ‘chrome’ this stock ignition key cylinder on the Steering Column. This only required a quick application using my 1mm Molotow Liquid Chrome Pen:

Stage 57.3

Press the D-shaped pin of the Steering Column Switch into the matching hole on Left Steering Column Cover, as shown.

This Steering Column Switch took quite a bit of force to get seated all the way, so be gentle as you install it to prevent any damage:

Stage 57.4

Retrieve your Dashboard assembly from the previous stage. Fit the two posts of the Steering Column assembly into the matching holes in this semi-circular recess on the bottom of the Lower Dashboard Panel, as shown:

Stage 57.5

Secure the Steering Column assembly in place from above with two (2) AP screws:

Stage 57.6

Retrieve your Chassis assembly and disconnect the Dashboard Lights with Wiring (orange/white) cable:

Stage 57.7

Press the four LEDs on the Dashboard Lights with Wiring circuit board into the rear holes of the Panel for Instrument Lights, as shown.

This circuit board is held in place by friction alone and does not require any screws:


We did not use the Steering Column Washer nor any of the CP screws, so keep them stored safely for now. With this stage finished, our Dashboard assembly is now complete!

Next Up

 Stage 58 – Roll Cage Rear Arch/Right Bar

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