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“In this assembly session you will complete the roll cage and perform an important test to check that the car’s
steering system works correctly.”




Materials: The entire Roll Cage is metal.


Mounting the Roll Cage (II)

Stage 59.1

Retrieve your Roll Cage assembly from the previous stage. Fit the junction of the two bars of the Rear Left Bar of the Roll Cage to this notch (circled below) on the right front of the Rear Arch of the Roll Cage, as shown.

Make sure the diagonal cross bar goes behind the Rear Right Bar of the Roll Cage we installed in the last stage (arrow below):

Secure the Rear Left Bar of the Roll Cage into place from the back of the Rear Arch of the Roll Cage with one (1) PM screw.

As before, I recommend waiting on tightening these roll cage screws all the way until we get it mounted into the Floor Pan. It should help relieve stress on the various roll cage bars. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 59.2

Fit the end of the Left Arch of the Roll Cage (without the triangular brace) into this hole of the Rear Arch of the Roll Cage:

Secure the Left Arch of the Roll Cage into place from the back of the Rear Arch of the Roll Cage with one (1) CM screw.

Stage 59.3

Retrieve your Chassis assembly and make sure the front wheels are parallel to the car (pointed straight ahead). With the wheels centered, the  pin on the Steering Column (from Stage 20) should be facing straight down, as shown:

Stages 59.4-59.6 (optional)

If adjustment is necessary, carefully turn the Chassis upside down. Then, remove this CM screw from the Idler Arm and move the Idler Arm to the side. This should disconnect the Steering Column from the front wheel steering so you can align everything. Replace this part when finished:


The Roll Cage assembly is coming along nicely and our Steering Column is aligned to the front wheels. The next stage is going to be a big one!

Next Up

 Stage 60 – Roll Cage Roof Bars/Right Arch

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