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“In this assembly session you will attach the roll cage to the car floor. Finally, you will anchor the completed
section to the chassis.”

This stage is much longer than usual, so grab a drink and let’s get to work!



Materials: The entire Roll Cage is metal.


Mounting the Roll Cage (III)

Stage 60.1

Fit the Roof Bar 1 of the Roll Cage into the center hole of the Roof Bar 2 of the Roll Cage, as shown.

Roof Bar 1 is the same on both ends, so it doesn’t matter which way this fits:

Secure the Roof Bar 1 of the Roll Cage into the Roof Bar 2 of the Roll Cage with one (1) CM screw.

As before, I recommend waiting on tightening these roll cage screws all the way until we get it mounted into the Floor Pan. It should help relieve stress on the various roll cage bars. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 60.2

Retrieve your Roll Cage assembly from the previous stage. Fit this Roof Bar 1 & 2 assembly into these holes of the Left Arch of the Roll Cage and the Rear Arch of the Roll Cage.

The ‘bent’ ends of Roof Bar 1 should be pointing down on both ends, as shown:

Secure Roof Bar 2 to the Rear Arch with one (1) CM screw:

Secure Roof Bar 1 to the Left Arch with one (1) more CM screw:

Stage 60.3

Fit the Right Arch of the Roll Cage to the Roof Bar 2 and Rear Arch, as shown:

Secure the Right Arch of the Roll Cage into place from the back of the Rear Arch of the Roll Cage with one (1) CM screw:

Further secure the Right Arch of the Roll Cage to the Roof Bar 2 with one (1) more CM screw:

Stage 60.4

Retrieve your Floor Pan/Interior assembly. Fit the bars of the Roll Cage into these matching holes of the Floor Pan.

Focus on aligning the five upright bars first. The three rear bars may be loose at this point and that is OK:

Secure the Roll Cage upright bars into place from below with five (5) CM screws.

There are two screws on the left side…

… two screws on the right side …

… and one screw in the center:

Stage 60.5

Fit the three rear Roll Cage bars into their matching holes in the Rear Floor Panel, as shown:

Secure these bars in place from the other side of the Rear Floor Panel using three (3) DM screws, one for each:

If you followed my recommendations not to tighten the Roll Cage screws all the way until we secure the Roll Cage to the Floor Pan, now is the time to tighten them all fully.

Stage 60.6

Retrieve your Chassis assembly and make sure these three wiring cables are laid vertical against the Firewall, as shown.

Leave the Wiring for the LED Headlights (green/white) cable off to the left side here:

Slide your Floor Pan/Interior/Roll Cage assembly down onto the Chassis, making sure the Steering Column feeds through the hole in the Pedal Cover Panel:

Make sure the wires mentioned earlier are up between the Firewall and the Lower Dashboard Panel, as shown.

This includes the short Wiring and Switch for the Brake Lights (black/black) cable from the pedals:

Stage 60.7

Take the Wiring for Headlight LEDs (green/white) cable we left aside earlier, and run it behind the left front wheel and out the front of the Chassis, as shown:

Stage 60.8

Carefully turn the entire Chassis over. Then, secure the Floor Pan assembly to the Chassis with six (6) LP screws.

There are three screws on the left side…

… and three screws on the right side:


Alright! That was a great stage to build. There is something about when large components are brought together to make something great. We now have our entire Chassis completed with the Floor Pan/Interior attached. Most everything from this point on will be building the body. Keep this entire assembly somewhere safe as we won’t need it again until Stage 106.

Next Up

 Stage 61 – Middle Section of Car Body

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  1. Unless I missed it somewhere – we don’t seem to install anything on the passenger side. So what did we have to install those hooks for; and no use for the slots under the fire extinguisher? I’m tempted to order another seat.

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