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“In this assembly session you will be working on the fuel cap.




Materials: The parts in this stage are all plastic.


Assembling the Fuel Cap

Stage 77.1

Fit the tab of the Fuel Cap Ring through this slot of the Fuel Cap Base, as shown:

The tab should poke out the top of the Fuel Cap Base, like this:

Stage 77.2

Turn this assembly over and fit the tabs of the Fuel Cap over the exposed tab of the Fuel Cap Ring, aligning the holes as shown:

Stage 77.2

Secure the Fuel Cap to the Fuel Cap Ring with one (1) RP screw:

You should now be able to open and close the Fuel Cap:


We did not use any of the Rear Left Parking Light parts here. However, we will install all of these parts in the next stage so keep them nearby.

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 Stage 78 – Rear Left Wheel Arch

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