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“In this assembly session we will show you how to attach the rear right wheel arch to the body of your model.

This stage is a duplicate process to the previous rear wheel arch we attached in Stage 78.



Materials: This Rear Right Wheel Arch is metal.


The Rear Right Wheel Arch

Stage 80.1

Retrieve all three of the Rear Right Parking Light parts from the previous stage. Fit the Rear Right Parking Light Frame into this matching hole of the Rear Right Wheel Arch from the inside, as shown:

Stage 80.2

Fit the red Rear Right Parking Light Lens into the back of the Rear Right Parking Light Frame, as shown.

Like before, the small tab of the lens should fit into the matching notch of the parking light opening (arrow below):

Stage 80.3

Fit the Rear Right Parking Light Mount Plate over the Light Lens, align the screw holes, and secure with two (2) DM screws as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

From the outside, the parking light assembly should look like this. There is slight angle to the red lens:

Stage 80.4

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous stage. Fit this Rear Right Wheel Arch assembly to the rear right of the body, as shown:

Stages 80.5-80.6

From the inside, secure the Rear Right Wheel Arch in place with nine (9) AM screws.

First, secure the three screws at the rear:

Next, secure the four screws in the middle:

Finally, secure the two screws along the bottom of the door opening:


We have done these steps before, so this should have been much of the same process. We now have three large sections of the external body panel installed and it is looking quite good!

Next Up

 Stage 81 – Front Body Section

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