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“In this assembly session you will continue to work on the left door.




Materials: Everything in this stage is plastic, except the metal Lock Spring.


The Left Door Lock

Stage 84.1

Slide the Lock Spring over the shorter pin of the Lock Stem:

Stage 84.2

Slide the longer pin of this Lock Stem assembly through this hole of the Lock, as shown:

Stage 84.3

Slide this entire Lock assembly into this recess of the Inner Section of the Left Door, making sure the Lock Spring is facing the middle of the door, as shown:

Stage 84.4

Cover the Lock assembly with the Lock Mount Bracket and secure it in place with two (2) AP screws, as shown:

With this Lock assembly installed, you should be able to push in on the Lock Stem:


I was actually surprised so much of this inner door section was already pre-assembled. It looks like we will be adding a lot more to it before it is attached to the Left Door exterior panel we have already built.

Next Up

 Stage 85 – Left Door Inner Panel, Handle/Base, Lower Window Frame Trim, Frame Trim Mount Brackets

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