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“In this assembly session you will attach some more components to the left door.




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


The Inner Panel of the Left Door

Stage 85.1

Press the pin of the Handle into the matching hole of the Handle Base, as shown:

Stage 85.2

Press the pins of this Handle assembly into the rectangular recess of the Inner Panel Left Door, as shown:

As soon as I saw these little silver ‘buttons’ pre-painted on this Inner Panel Left Door, I knew I had to go back to the two Rear Inner Panels we installed in Stage 76 and paint those same ‘buttons’ silver with my Metallic Silver Sharpie. Now all of the interior panels should match a little better:

Stage 85.3

Retrieve your Inner Section of the Left Door assembly from the previous stage. Fit this Inner Panel to the Inner Section, as shown:

Stage 85.4

Secure the Inner Panel to the Inner Section from the other side with six (6) AP screws, as shown:

Stage 85.5

Fit the three tabs of the Lower Window Frame Trim into the matching slots along the top of the Inner Section, as shown:

Stage 85.6
  • From the other side, fit the posts of Frame Trim Mount Bracket 1 into the leftmost two square holes of the Inner Section
  • Secure Mount Bracket 1 into the Frame Trim with two (2) OP screws
  • Then, fit the post of Frame Trim Mount Bracket 2 into the rightmost square hole of the Inner Section
  • Finally, secure Mount Bracket 2 into the Frame Trim with one (1) OP screw


While this door interior looks complete, we still have the windows, crank mechanism, trim and weatherstrips to install. I am surprised it takes six stages just to complete one door!

Next Up

 Stage 86 – Left Door Chrome Trims, Deflector Glass/Knob/Bracket

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