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“In this assembly session you will mount the now complete left door on your model, and start assembling the
right door.




Materials: The Right Door (Outer Panel) is metal, but the rest is plastic.


The Left and Right Doors

Stage 88.1

Retrieve your Body assembly from Stage 83 and your Left Door assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Left Door into the left-side door opening of the Body, as shown:

Stage 88.2

Secure the two Hinge tabs to the Body with two (2) SM screws.

I aligned the Left Door to the door opening first and taped it in place to keep it straight:

Then, I installed the SM screws. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal.

With these screws tightened, make sure your door opens and closes as expected:

How good does this car look in black!?

Stage 88.3

Press the D-shaped pin of the Lock into this matching D-shaped hole on the outside of the Right Door (Outer Panel).

This door will be assembled in nearly the exact same way as the first one:

Stage 88.4

Fit the pin and post of the Handle into the matching holes above the Lock on the Left Door, as shown:

Secure the Handle into place from the other side with one (1) AP screw:


This model is really starting to look sharp! You may notice there is no wing mirror on this side of the car. Most cars of this era did not have mirrors on both doors.

Next Up

 Stage 89 – Right Door Inner Frame, Top Hinges, Bottom Hinges, Hinge Mount Plate

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