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“In this assembly session you will be working on the boot lid.




Materials: The Safety Latch Ring Seals are metal, but everything else is plastic in this stage.


The Inner Boot Panel

Stage 100.1

Press the pins of the two Boot Lid Safety Latches into these holes on either end of the Inner Panel Boot Lid.

These can be inserted on the wrong side of the panel, so make sure they are installed as shown:

Also, ensure the tiny holes in these latches are parallel to the long rear edge of the Inner Panel Boot Lid:

Stage 100.2

Retrieve your Boot Lock Housing from the previous stage. Turn the Inner Panel Boot Lid over, fit the Boot Lock Housing into this matching recess of the panel as shown, and secure it into place with two (2) OP screws:

Stage 100.3

Retrieve your Body assembly and carefully turn it upside down on a soft cloth. Open the Boot Lid, fit this Inner Panel Boot Lid to the inside of the Boot Lid, and secure it into place with nine (9) AM screws.

Five of these screws can be accessed through the boot opening in the Body. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

The remaining four screws can be accessed outside the Body:

Stage 100.4

Turn your Body assembly right side up and press the pins of the two Base Safety Latches into these two matching holes at the rear of the boot opening, as shown:

Stage 100.5

Finally, close the Boot Lid and insert the ends of a Safety Latch Ring Seal into the holes of a Boot Lid Safety Latch, as shown.

You may want to use some tweezers and needle-nose pliers to install these seals. I needed to spread the ends of the seals apart so they would fit into the latch holes, hold them in place with tweezers, and squeeze the ends together again with the pliers:

Repeat this process on the other side of the Boot Lid:


Installing those tiny Safety Latch Ring Seals (Hood Pins) was not easy. I wish they would have been pre-installed to the latches. Boo!

Next Up

 Stage 101 – Rear Inner Boot Panel, Upper Boot Lid Panel, Boot Hinge Brackets

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