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“In this assembly session you will attach the indicator on the front right wheel arch. Then you will attach the wheel
arch to the body of your model.

These steps will be the same as the previous stage, just with the other wheel arch.



Materials: This Front Right Wheel Arch is metal.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version)


The Front Right Wheel Arch

Stage 96.1

Retrieve your remaining Front Indicator parts from Stage 94. Fit the chrome Frame for the Front Indicators into this opening from the inside the Front Right Wheel Arch.

The narrower part of this frame should be fitted into the opening, as shown:

Fit one of the orange Front Indicator Lenses over the Frame.

Be sure the small tab of the Front Indicator Lens is resting in this notch of the Front Right Wheel Arch, as shown:

Stage 96.2

Fit the Front Right Indicator Mount Bracket (marked ‘R’) over the previous indicator parts, align the screw holes, and secure it to the Front Right Wheel Arch with two (2) CM screws as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

With this Front Indicator installed, it should look like this from the outside:

Stage 96.3

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous stage. Fit this Front Right Wheel Arch to the right side of the Front Body Section, as shown:

Stage 96.4

While holding the Front Right Wheel Arch in place, turn the entire Body assembly over on a soft cloth. Then, secure the Front Right Wheel Arch to the Front Body Section with four (4) FM screws:


This stage was just like the previous one, so it should have felt very familiar. But, we do have the front fenders attached now!

Next Up

 Stage 97 – Front Indicators, Bonnet Cross Member/Lock Hook/Safety Latches, Windscreen Wipers, Engine Housing

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