Issue 3 Delayed

Our third issue should have shipped around October 7th, but we have yet to hear anything from Model Space/DeAgostini. They are not great about letting us know when something is on back order and will just ship it when they have them in stock again. Therefore, the build is on hold.

Regardless, we are still updating the BUILD page with the contents of upcoming issues as builders overseas are posting the information online.

2 thoughts on “Issue 3 Delayed”

  1. February 9th, 2020: has their been any update as to when issue 3+ will be available, I’m still new to the build and am currently waiting on issue 2. My concern is I’ll be waiting a while before its available. I’ve considered doing another build in the mean time. Heard a rumor at the end of February, beginning of march, which is when I should receive part 3?

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